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Offering landscaping solutions proven to define walking paths through gardens and yards, separate play areas from green lawns and flower beds, line gravel drives and more, Concrete Curbing Spokane has the answer! We’ve been serving the city’s residents and surrounding areas for years with aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, low-maintenance concrete edging and curbing ideas. Adding a professional look with lots of “curb” appeal, we use colored curbing, stamped curbing, mowers edge curbing, slant curbing and square curbing. If you like the look of tidy, well-groomed yards, but don’t want to spend hours and hours on yard work, Spokane Concrete Curbing is the answer. Contact us today for a free quote and let’s talk about your options!

About Concrete Curbing Spokane

Serving Spokane and her surrounding cities for the last several years, Concrete Edging Spokane prides itself on bringing beautiful, creative solutions to your landscaping needs through affordable, durable curbing and edging products.

Our concrete curbing contractors design and install beautiful concrete borders that act as effective barriers between lawn and garden beds preventing bedding materials from drifting into the lawn area and keeping roots from traveling into unwanted places. All of which frees you up, to sip lemonade and enjoy your outdoor areas, pursue other hobbies and interests, rather than spending all your time working in the yard.

Based right here in Spokane, we’re just a phone call away. We can help you with lawn edging, garden edging, all your landscape curbing projects. Landscape edging can be installed quickly and is much more cost effective than other ideas you may have been tempted to try. It doesn’t rot like wood, or break like plastic and it comes in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns.

At Concrete Edging Spokane, we make it easy for you to choose what works best for you. From color, shape and design, we create custom built barriers and borders that will separate, edge and enhance all the areas of your outdoor living space. With the variety we offer, you can decide if you want neutral, subtle borders and edges that blend in with the natural landscape, or if you want to have bold, stand-out areas that make a statement. Contact us today and we can set up a free consultation and go over price options.

spokane concrete edging

Why Choose Us?

Concrete Edging Spokane provides fully licensed and experienced landscapers. We are highly skilled and detail oriented, offering you artistry and high quality design ideas. If you have ideas of your own, we love to work with our clients to help bring your vision to life. We offer a wide variety of options for all your lawn curbing and concrete borders and have been bringing out skill and expertise to the Spokane community for a number of years.

Call for a free quote today and we can discuss what your needs are and what we can offer. We cover all the areas of your outdoor living or working space including:

  • Flower or garden areas
  • Lawn edges
  • Driveway edges
  • Path or walkway edges

Concrete edging is the perfect accent to landscape and a great way to compliment what you already have and give it a fresh, clean, new look. Spokane Concrete Edging can outline flower beds or create an ornamental outline to your favorite tree. If you’re the type of person who has a vision and has imagined a beautiful area already, then tell us all about it and leave the work to us. Or if you’re kind of stuck and need help with the creative end of things, we’re here to help you find that vision.

We’re excited to work with you and give you exactly what you’re hoping for. The benefits of concrete landscape borders are numerous:

Reduced yard work

Who wants to spend all weekend every weekend working on their yard? Having designated areas isolated with concrete borders will help make yard work quicker and easier.

Controlling stubborn areas

Without borders, grass has a tendency to go wild and out of control. With a border, these problems greatly dissipate. Borders can also be great barriers keeping gravel and/or bark from creeping into your lawn area.

Accents for your yard or property

Landscape curbing can be a compliment to your existing landscape. We offer a variety of colors, textures and styles to border your gardens, pathways, trees and whatever other areas you might want to accentuate.

Special issues

besides adding refinement to your outdoor living space, concrete borders are very functional. Some styles can be utilized like a parking curb to prevent accidental property or lawn damage. Other styles can be utilized for easier mowing with a lower or slanted edge that greatly diminishes the lawn mower blades from hitting the border causing another type of accident.

Additional value

Unlike wood that rots or plastic that breaks, concrete borders do not have these types of weaknesses. They can maintain their appearance and enhance the value and appeal of your property for years.

What To Expect?

With so many landscape ideas out there and so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what it is you’re looking for to give your outdoor living space the look and feel you’d like and also to keep things low-maintenance, so you’re not having to spend all your free time doing yard work!

Concrete Curbing Spokane is an amazing choice because it offers tidy, well-defined lines that are both clean and artistic. It helps keep lawn grass and bedding materials separated into their individual areas and it is extremely low-maintenance and cost effective.

Contact us today for a free on-site evaluation and price quote. We’ll take the time to discuss with you what you’d like to have done. We’ll make suggestions of things that will work best and answer any questions or concerns you many have.

We offer a wide variety of colors, textures and styles and will discuss which of these will work best for what your needs are. We can schedule a time to get started and give you an idea about how long it will take.

The work goes fairly quickly and depending on how much area you are needing covered, we can give you a good estimate of the time frame and you can plan accordingly.



At Landscape Curbing Spokane, we offer custom built, quality designed, cement curbing and concrete borders specifically created for your individual outdoor living space. From shape to color to functionality, we take all your needs into consideration and design a beautiful, practical, aesthetically pleasing plan that will make the neighbors jealous.

spokane concrete curbing colored curbing

Colored Curbing

This is a fun, artistic feature that can make a bold accent or match the siding of your home. We offer a wide variety of color pigments that are mixed into the concrete and offer an even more customized look to your landscape curbing.

spokane landscape curbing stamped curbing

Stamped Curbing

The Stamped Curbing style is on the cutting edge for landscape borders. At Concrete Curbing Spokane we offer a variety of patterns and textures in the color of your choosing. There are so many fun, creative options to see, give us a call and have a look!

spokane concrete edging mowers edge curbing

Mowers Edge Curbing

The Mowers Edge Style is the most classic style of lawn curbing and as the name implies was originally created to make mowing easier. It can also be colored to suit.

spokane slant curbing

Slant Curbing

The Slant Style curbing has numerous benefits. Because of the flat, slanted surface, it can be easily stamped and colored. It’s a great choice for borders along raised beds since the back of the curb is higher than the front making it able to hold back bedding soil.

spokane square curbing

Square Curbing

Square curbing is typically laid lower in the ground so that the top of the curb is flush with the top of your sod. It is a little more expensive than the Mower or Slant styles as it uses more materials to produce and it takes more time to install. It can be just standard gray concrete or it can be colored or stamped.

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About Spokane Washington

The second largest city in Washington state, Spokane’s motto is: “Near Nature, Near Perfect.” With a myriad of green space and quick and easy access to lakes, ski resorts and hiking and biking paths, as well as the Spokane River running right through the middle of downtown, it certainly lives up to that motto.

It offers more than just the great outdoors though, with a variety of performance venues and restaurants, breweries and wineries to entertain you palates as well as your eyes and ears. Not often found in major metro areas, Spokane exudes a calm, relaxed atmosphere and residents appreciate the small-town feel coupled with the big city amenities.

With a wonderful agricultural industry, the outer parts of the metro area and throughout Spokane County, an abundance of food is produced including, apples, wheat and dairy products, not to mention the fun u-pick community of nearby Green Bluff where many go to pick their own apples, peaches, berries and pumpkins, each in its season.

Nearby cities to check out include:

  • Spokane Valley, WA
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID
  • Hayden, WA
  • Cheney, WA
  • Liberty Lake, WA
  • Fairwood, WA
  • Mead, WA
  • Airway Heights, WA
  • Greenacres, WA
  • Newman Lake, WA
  • Deer Park, WA
  • And many other surrounding areas!


How long will concrete curbing last?

Your edging could last from 10 to even as much as 30 years if cared for properly. Maintenance is quite minimal actually, but it is recommended that an acrylic concrete sealer be applied about every other year.

What are some of the benefits of concrete curbing?

Concrete is one of the most durable types of material and is great when used for curbing around lawns, flower beds, walkways, etc. It can make an area aesthetically pleasing and isn’t prone to rotting, warping, or separating in extreme weather conditions.

Is it necessary to seal concrete curbing?

It is very beneficial to seal your concrete curbing as it helps to prevent damage or deterioration caused by water absorption, mold-growth, mildew and efflorescence.

Can you stain concrete edging or curbing?

Yes! We offer colored, or stamped curbing to add a more subtle or decorative twist to just regular sidewalk curbing.



What a great company to work with! Reasonable rates, reliable, if they said they were going to be there, they were! I highly recommend these guys!

Bruce C.

Great work and really nice guys! They came out and did the flowerbeds in our large backyard and they worked fast, had a great attitude and finished in great time with a great result!

Jake W.

They just completed a walkway from our patio to the pool deck and we couldn’t be happier! Really superior work! They listened to every item I wanted and checked them off one by one. Both professional and friendly! Thanks guys!

Lily T.




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